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Custom 14k Solid Gold

Custom 14k Solid Gold

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Material: 14k Solid gold 

Width: 5mm 

Thickness: 2mm

Production time: approximately 30-40days


  • Please email us at to order.

  • You have the freedom to select any letter or shape, using any font and size you prefer.

  • For a clearer impression, we suggest using fewer than 8 letters. Remember, a simpler message often creates a more impactful impression!

  • Please kindly understand that Custom orders are final and may not be returned or exchanged. 


We take pride in crafting each piece to perfection, and this timeframe allows us to ensure the highest quality for your unique ring. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we create a special piece just for you. Once your order is ready, we will promptly ship it to you with care. Thank you for choosing us to be a part of your special moments.


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